Anita The Celebrant Get to know me

Hi, I'm Anita

Why choose me as your funeral or wedding celebrant? Firstly, I am a caring, thoughtful, and reliable independent celebrant based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Furthermore, my love of writing empowers me to craft wedding and funeral ceremonies that leave a lasting impression, evoking warm smiles and memories to be remembered forever. I channel my passion into my work, continuously striving to excel as a celebrant.

Moreover, my focused and enthusiastic approach reflects my bubbly, warm, and happy personality.

I am a people person

I am a people person

People truly fascinate me. Throughout my entire career, I've immersed myself in customer service environments. Transitioning from hotels to an MOT and servicing garage. Each place has been a treasure trove of stories waiting to be shared.

Moreover, these environments provided me with the perfect stage for people-watching, a pastime I could indulge in for hours. Every individual possesses a unique personality, and I make sure my ceremonies reflect that diversity in their entirety. Additionally, my greatest asset lies in my people skills. The joy of meeting and collaborating with new individuals on a daily basis is unparalleled. And everyone an experience I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Why choose me?

I am at my happiest around people. I like to offer solutions to problems, and if I can, guide people in the right direction. Over the years life has taught me to be kind, treat people as you wish to be treated, and always aim for the best outcome in any situation. A level head and a loving heart puts me in the best place to write perfect wedding and funeral ceremonies for you.

With this in mind, I commit whole heartedly to the task in hand and will not cut corners. This only one of the reasons why your ceremony will be the best it can be. Contact me, and let's see if we are right for each other.